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TRS Protection
TRS (Tamper Resistant Software) is the software protecting such confidential information as the encryption keys, watermarks and algorithms from the malicious third parties who try to crack or hack or decrypt these information.
  Purposes of TRS are to prevent the algorithms and programs from analysis and piracy and also the execution modules working in the network from hacking.

When selling the software or IT devices, you can build up the strong systems for protecting your valuable copyright by combining certain TRS software.
ISCT-TRS has the following features:
- Our technology allows the TRS for object modules, which does not decrease the maintenance features of source codes.
- ISCT-TRS makes it possible to set the redundancy range and encryption level, by which the redundancy and execution speed can be well-balanced.
- Execution module is encrypted after it is divided into the protection blocks. The encrypted blocks are decoded at the time of their execution and after that they are deleted.
- Debugger search function can be activated at the time of module execution.
- Our software detects the cracking or hacking of the program, which means that it also prevent the cracking or hacking of the system itself.

ISCT-TRS prevents the cracking or hacking of the algorithm and programs from decompilation / reverse engineering and protects your valuable software copyright.

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