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Video Compression
  ISCT's excellent codec is of high compression two times higher than MPEG4.
  Video compression technology based on Wavelet transform:
- Effective motion detection by macroblock division of various sizes
- Unique motion compensation technology
- Object tracking
- ISCT's own post-treatment for improvement of visual quality

If compared on the same compression rate, we, ISCT, have a clear superiority over other codecs. MPEG4, for example, can not achieve the practical level image quality under 64 kbps bit rate, whereas ISCT codec achieves it with 32 kbps. For ISCT the limit of high compression with low bit rate is 100 times, whereas that of MPEG4 is 50 times.
High compression rate offers you the bigger storage capability of data, cheaper cost for communication channel usage, the increase of numbers of simultaneously connected users and higher visual image quality, which helps you in video distribution, VOD (Video On Demand), video data transmission and so forth.
Video image compressed by "ISC1" codec Video image compressed by MPEG4
Video image compressed by Video image compressed by MPEG4

  Comparison between ISCT codec and Windows Media 9
  We made a compression comparison between ISCT codec and WM9 (Microsoft Windows Media 9 video codec) with the use of actual video images, "Foreman", "Flower garden", "Boat" having different sizes. PSNR (peak signal noise ratio) values are shown in the diagram below.
It is commonly said that PSNR 30 dB is of practically usable level for image quality, 40 dB is almost same as the original image. As you see from this diagram our codec has better visual quality than WM9 in every case in the comparison of same compression rate.
  *Microsoft, Windows Media and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Comparison between ISCT codec and Windows Media 9
  Comparison between ISCT codec and Windows Media 9

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