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Privacy Policy
ISCT keeps in confidence the personal information and protects the privacy of individuals whose personal information is possessed by us.
Personal information means the name, address, sex, date of birth, telephone / fax number and so forth, by the use of which an individual can be identified.
Collection and use of personal information
  Collection of personal information is, in ISCT, done legally and the collected or obtained personal information is used only for the marketing activities of our company.
Disclosure of personal information
  Without the consent of the relative individual, ISCT will not disclose the his or her personal information to any third parties.
  In case when ISCT judges that a user of our site can put third party (or parties) at a disadvantage, ISCT can inform his personal information, content of his registration or his IP address and so forth to the relative third party (parties), Japanese police, authorities, courts, consumersf centers and the like. In case if the organizations referred above should require the disclosure such information of a user (or users), ISCT can disclose the information to them
Personal information handling manager
  Manager is ISCT.
  Cookie is a small text file sent to the hard discs of computers of our customers for the purpose that the web site may keep the access records. Cookie memorizes the information about the taste of customers towards the site and allows users to use the web site effectively. The use of cookie is practically a standard of IT business circle and it is used widely for the purpose of rendering effective functions to users. The use of cookie specify the computers of users, but it does not specify the individuals. This site of ours at present time does not offer the services requiring the necessity of identifying the users.
Change of our Privacy Policy
  Present Privacy Policy may be changed when necessary without prior notice. When you access this site, be sure to see this newest column.
Your questions about the Privacy Policy
  Please contact us:
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  Tel : 81-45-312-6485
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