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Still Image Compression
ISCT Technology having the compression rate more than two times higher than ISO world Standard JPEG
  We offer you the compression codec for still images and motion pictures. This codec possesses much better compression rate and visual quality than JPEG. Even in the comparison with the newest JPEG2000, our "HPK" codec has the same or even better compression rate and visual quality.
We have also codec which enables up- and down scaling of still images and up-scaling codec For the motions pictures.
  Shown below is the comparison between the image compressed by "HPK" codec and JPEG.
Your click of images will show you the images in VGA size. Please check the difference.
Compressed by "HPK" codec
Compressed VGA image to 7KB(1/130)
  Compressed JPEG image also to 7KB
HPK image VS JPEG image
Original image (Bitmap)
Original image
Images showing the fog and water gradation are generally difficult for compression processing.
JPEC which is based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) technology is practically not available For compression, block-noise and artifacts are generated by compression.
Image Quality Comparison for Still Images
  Still image compression of ISCT "HPK" codec adopts the wavelet transform technology. Shown below is the visual quality comparison between the ISCT codec and JPEG. You see from this diagram that "HPK" codec has better visual quality by 2 dB than JPEG.
  Comparison for Still Images

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