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Temporal Interpolation
Temporal Interpolation Technology makes it possible to smoothly show the video image even when there is no enough digital image data. It also increase the efficiency digital contents distribution and storage efficiency in the storage devices.
  The essence of this technology lies in increasing the frame rate per unit time (fps). Doing this process of inserting the intermediate frame between the original images changes the jerky movement of the moving object in the image into the smooth movement.
Following technologies have been adopted in the temporal interpolation:
- Object recognition technology (Use of information about the objects in the image)
- Adaptive algorithm detecting the motion vectors
- Unique algorithm determining the scenes and sub-scenes
- Use of adaptive image division grid

Temporal interpolation technology can also be used for compressing the image data with 2-3 times In the low bit rate communication channels. This technology is applicable for converting the 30 fps Progressive images into the 60 fps progressive images intended for large TV screen.
  Example of Temporal Interpolation
football#1   football#3   football#5
football#2   football#4  
  Depending upon the quick of slow motion of the moving objects in the image, the interpolation is conducted, for example, as follows: 7.5 fps image is interpolated for 15 fps, or 10 fps image is interpolated for 30 fps, which generates the reproduction of video stream with smoothly moving object in it.
ISCT develops algorithms combining the temporal interpolation and special interpolation:
- Up-scaling of video image and still image up to 2 x 2 times and 3 x 3 times
- Up-scaling and down-scaling of still image with arbitrary coefficient (of same ratios or different ratios)
- Temporal interpolation of video image (you will see the new smoothly moving object in the images instead of their jerky movement
- Temporal and special interpolation for video images

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