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Contents Protection
Contents Protection technology protects the distributed contents from copying, cracking or hacking.
  Since the digital data keep the original quality even after the copying, the contents protection of distributed movie, TV programs, animations and still images has a vital important meaning. Our Contents Protection Technology has following features:
1. It protests the down-loaded contents themselves.
2. It adds the proper information of distributing PC to the distributed contents in the form of invisible digital watermark.
    This protection disables other PCs (which illegally copies the contents) than the legitimate PC (to which the contents originally distributed) the displaying of the copied contents.
3. Other limitations of functions are the same as that of the above web function.
Still image protection system
  We, ISCT, have developed several software for this purpose.
- Our software can fully encrypt the digital data of the contents by using a certain format at the time of transmission.
- Besides the invisible digital watermark, we can add the visible watermark at the time of decoding on the PC display.
- Our technology prevents the copying of images currently shown on the display.
- We have also technology which assure the decoding and playback only on the PC that conducted the down-loading.
Video image protection system
  For protecting the video protection we combined our several technologies. At the time of compression of video image data, we use a scrambler.
We encrypt the license key and other necessary data at the time of image data transmission with streaming. When playing-back, we decode back the scrambled image data, and simultaneously we add the digital watermark to the data, thus we protect the copyright of the original contents.
You can utilize Windows Media Player or RealPlayer for the playback, since the decoding and decryption is realized by the object modules called from the players.
  *Microsoft, Windows Media and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
*RealPlayer is a registered trademark of RealNetworks, Inc.

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