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Our newest technologies
   Our newest technologies which we proud of:
Tech.field Outline
image compression  Video Compression    Video Compression Technology which has the compression rate two times higher than the world standard MPEG4. By using ISCT codec you can transmit, distribute with lower cost(due to high compression rate) the high visual quality video images on the mobile phone channel as well as optical broad band channel.
 Still Image Compression    Still Image Compression Technology which has the compression rate two times higher than the world standard JPEG. It is a compression codec for still images and motion pictures. ISCT codec possesses remarkably higher compression rate and visual image quality than JPEG. When compared with JPEG2000 our codec possesses same or even higher compression rate and visual quality.
image interpolation  Temporal Image Interpolation    Temporal Image Interpolation It is an epoch-making technology for showing the video images with smooth object movement. This technology increases the quantity of fps (frames per sec.) of the images, and thus shows you video images with smooth movement. Insertion of intermediate frames changes the jerky movement of objects in the original images into the images of smooth object movement.
 Spatial Image Interpolation    Spatial Image Interpolation It is the technology which enables up-scaling and down-scaling of video and still image, keeping the original visual quality. It is especially useful and convenient for up-scaling the small size images electronically transmitted to you.
contents protection  Contents Protection    Contents Protection It is the technology which prevents distributed contents from illegal copying covering digital water marks, TRS (see below) and encryption technologies.
 TRS Protection    TRS Protection TRS (Tamper Resistant Software) is a protective technology which prevents such confidential information as encryption keys, digital water marks and algorithms from cracking, abuse for their final decryption from malicious third parties.
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