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Spacial (Spatial) Interpolation
Spacial Interpolation is the technology enlarging the small image to a large-size image with better visual quality.
  Spacial Interpolation technology has the following merits:
- It enables the enlargement of QVGA size image to VGA size
- It minimizes the data size, for example, when enlarged to 200%, the data size decreases to 1/4.
- Spacial Interpolation with integral numbers, such as 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 can be applicable for video images due to the small CPU calculation complexity.
Original Image   Down-Scaled Image   Re-enlarged image
Original Image Down-Scaled Image Re-enlarged image

Partially Enlarged Part
Visual Quality Difference between ISCT Technology and Other Technologies
Original Image   ISCT Nearest Neighbor B-spline
ISCT develops algorithms combining the temporal interpolation and special interpolation:
- Up-scaling of video image and still image up to 2 x 2 times and 3 x 3 times
- Up-scaling and down-scaling of still image with arbitrary coefficient (of same ratios or different ratios)
- Temporal interpolation of video image (you will see the new smoothly moving object in the images instead of their jerky movement
- Temporal and special interpolation for video images

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