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  We, ISCT, not only furnish the customers with the codecs incorporating our own algorithm, but also develop the "convenient for use" algorithms which enable to produce "better" images and which are compatible with ISO world standard codecs.
Original data   ISCT method Nearest Neighbor B-spline
Spatial interpolation technology for video and still images enlarges the received small images with better image quality.
For example, this technology changes the received QVGA image into VGA size.
For 200% enlargement the necessary data are only 1/4, since the enlargement is done two times both for vertical and horizontal directions.
Depending upon the moving speed of objects in the video, this technology converts (interpolates) 7.5 fps image into, for example, 15 fps image, or 10 fps image into, for example, 30 fps image. By the interpolation the object movement in video becomes very smooth.
 - Object identification and detection : this function specifies the form of objects and identifies men, animals and objects.
 - Automatic pursuit of objects : pursuit of selected moving objects in the video stream
 - Object color recognition : Recognition of color for the selected object and storing its information
This technology makes it possible to specify the moving men or objects and also the colors of their cloths or their moving locations. This information is inserted in the image data obtained by monitor camera. This enables the quick search of necessary information from the big volume of data.

    1. Video compression, still image compression
    2. Copyright protection of contents including the digital water mark
    3. MPEG4 analysis software
    4. Audio compression
    5. Software protection
    6. Mathematical solution

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What's new
ISCT participated as an exhibitor in the Exhibition "Experience Exchange among the Companies of Different Profile"
ISCT participated as an exhibitor in the Exhibition "39th Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition" and won the prize "Most Excellent Entrepreneur"
ISCT participated as an exhibitor in the Exhibition "Crisis Management 2005".
ISCT has been recognized as one of the members of Philips Nexperia Home Partner Program