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ISCT has been recognized and registered by Analog Devices, Inc. as one of its DSP Third Party Developers.

The collaborative membership Above recognition applies to the use of monitor cameras and multi-media products to be used on the mobile and consumer-oriented electronic devices.
The supporting processor is ADSP-BF5xx (Blackfin), it supports such video codec as H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2 and M-JPEG.
For details please refer to the below home page of Analog Devices, Inc.

For any of your question on this matter, please free to contact:
Software Products and Their Features:

H.264 Baseline Profile Compatible
Our products have been optimized for Blackfin and are furnished to you as an static library.
Interfaces consist of a simple architecture, which allows you to develop the various software.

JPEG Encoder / Decoder
Our JPEG encoders and decoders have been optimized up to the assembler level, which enables their use in many applications. These codecs of ours can be implemented with simple API, files and interfaces.

MP3 Decoder
Our MP3 is optimized for reducing its CPU load. Synchronization with various codecs is possible.

MPEG2 Mainprofile Compatible
ISCT encoder and decoder compatible for MPEG2 main profile work with one-core Blackfin and have been optimized for video ES with VBR (variable bit rate) and CBR (constant bit rate) setting. D1 size is also available.

MPEG4 Simple Profile Compatible
Our encoder and decoder compatible for MPEG4 simple profile shows the high performance in Blackfin platform. D1 size is also available.

What's new
ISCT participated in the 9th ESEC (Embedded Systems Expo & Conference in Tokyo).
ISCT participated as an exhibitor in the Exhibition "Experience Exchange among the Companies of Different Profile"
ISCT participated as an exhibitor in the Exhibition "39th Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition" and won the prize "Most Excellent Entrepreneur"
ISCT participated as an exhibitor in the Exhibition "Crisis Management 2005".
ISCT has been recognized as one of the members of Philips Nexperia Home Partner Program